Dear Pepsi,


You've recently adopted a plan that most soda drinkers are

thoroughly enjoying: new flavors that are released frequently

and made available only for a limited time.


This gives us the fun and enjoyment of trying new flavors of

soda, while simultaneously offering you the initial burst of sales

as everyone buys the soda to try it at least once.


Mt. Dew has been the main beneficiary of this, having so much

success with Livewire that you saw fit to bring it back for 2004,

despite promising it as available summer 2003 only.


These limited edition sodas ensure good sales and allow you

to pull good flavors that are not well-established (like Colas are)

before people get sick of them - and sales slump - like with Josta

and Pepsi Blue.


Drinks such as Pepsi Holiday Spice, Pitch Black and so forth

demonstrate that it's financially plausible to market and sell a

beverage with the intent that it only be around for a short time.

This method appears to be successful.


There are two drinks that you made available for quite some time

that both have a decent number of very loyal fans: Josta and

Pepsi Blue. While these sodas couldn't support year round sales

in numbers sufficient to please, short bursts of production would

allow hardcore fans a chance to stock up on large quantities of

these sodas, while people who never had the chance to sample

them during their initial runs would have the opportunity to

try them out.


Josta has many fans that are still hopeful that it may one day

be resurrected, but most have resigned themselves to the fact

that PepsiCo doesn't seem interested in seeing Josta return. We

hope that you will consider making it available seasonally, as

you have with several other soft drinks of late. You won't be



Jason Latona




If you have ANY info, facts etc, about Josta that you'd like to share,

please e-mail me!