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What DID Josta taste like?

SaveJosta mentioned  at Skratch Magazine.

Pepsi Blue Poem


Mt. Morris






































         Back in 1996 a soft drink called Josta was introduced in the U.S. by PepsiCo.

         In 1999 it was discontinued presumably due to lower than expected sales. 

         Five years later, Josta still has a huge fan base with many folks around the

         country dedicated to convincing Pepsi to retry Josta in today's more energy-

         drink oriented market -- perhaps as a limited-time classic.  Please HELP!


Halloween Favorites


  Hey Pepsi: Seasonal 

  sodas are the rage. Even

  YOU are doing it!




Mt. Dew Pitch Black II, Jones Cara-

mel Apple, and Jones Candy Corn.


        Make seasonal Pepsi Classics

              of our favorite flavors!





Promote the mission. Pose in a 

silly manner.



The new 'Surge': Buy Vault.  

Rumored to be on sale in: NC, SC, TN, AL, and GA. Support Vault to show Pepsi a soft drink can be successfully reborn.




8/25/2005 - Save Josta Petition passes 1,000 signatures! **Approx. 4000 as of 2021





<- If Pepsi can produce these seasonally, they can do the same for Josta!


View the ad for my idea: "Pepsi Classics" ** Yes, I invented "Throwbacks."

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SPRITE energy drink?

JOSTA is the competition you need!

                                  Every month, about 1,000 people visit this site.


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